A Comprehensive Guide to Fat Freezing

Perhaps you have only just become aware of the term ‘fat freezing’, or conversely maybe you are looking to book a cosmetic procedure which can make a substantial difference to the look and feel of a certain area of your body.

Either way, if you are interested in learning more about the fat freezing procedure and exactly what it entails, then you have come to the right place. Continue reading to discover a comprehensive guide to fat freezing. 

What Does Fat Freezing Involve?

For men and women who have tried various methods to trim down the amount of fat in their bodies, especially in notorious ‘problem areas’ such as the back of the legs, bottom, and top of the arms, fat freezing is becoming a more and more popular choice.

The non-surgical process of fat freezing, referred to in medical circles as cryogenic lipolysis, involves freezing individual fat cells in a certain area of the body to reduce them in size and, in some cases, eradicate them. 

The Many Benefits of Fat Freezing

One of the most renowned methods of freezing fat is that of Coolsculpting, with the best Coolsculpting services being able to help treat the stomach, upper arms, thighs, bottom, and even the chin.

The advantages of choosing fat freezing as a way of reducing and minimizing the volume of fat in certain areas of your body are numerous and include:

  • Low-risk non-surgical cosmetic procedure
  • No significant scarring of the skin
  • No needles or incisions, so a lower level of pain
  • Only takes between 40 & 60 minutes to treat one area 
  • Much lower associated risks than surgical cosmetic procedures

How Your Fat Freezing Session Will Play Out

If you have already booked your first fat freezing session, you will have no doubt already, or are soon to, received copious information, answers to frequently asked questions, and other pieces of medical advice to prepare.

It would also be beneficial, whether you have booked your first session yet or not, to learn the step-by-step procedure of a typical session of fat freezing.

Firstly, when you arrive at the clinic to embark upon your first treatment, you are asked to lie down in a comfortable position in the treatment room. Usually, you will be asked to wear loose clothing and garments which make accessibility to the chosen area being treated relatively simple.  Next, a special protective cream or gel will be generously spread over the entire area which is to be treated by fat freezing and the substance will be left for just a few minutes to allow the skin to absorb it. 

The fat freezing device is then administered directly onto the skin and uses deep cooling pressure combined with a gentle vacuum pressure to freeze the superfluous fat cells and treat the fat sitting beneath the skin.

The only potential after-effects on the skin after a session of fat freezing are a slight redness around the treatment area and a possible numbing sensation due to the cold air.