Ab Coaster Review – Is it Worth the Price?

Among the many ab machines in the market today, the Ab Coaster deserves a second glance from anybody serious about getting the six-pack abs of their dreams. However, before you go about balancing your budget and maxing out your credit card, there are a few things to know about the Ab Coaster.


Let’s discuss first the positive points of the Ab Coaster, of which there are many. It must be emphasized that the Ab Coaster assists in the right performance of leg raises, which remains to be one of the gold standards in attaining six-pack abs. This is because it emphasizes the lower abs while tightening the lower back, hips and buttocks, thus, making for virtually an all-around exercise.

However, leg raises are not exactly the easiest of movements to accomplish properly. Beginners will have difficulty in its execution and, hence, expose themselves to muscle and joint injuries. As such, the possibility of lessening the number of repetitions or foregoing it altogether exists.

With the Ab Coaster, leg raises are made easier because you do not need to support your own body weight. Keep in mind that this is one of the difficulties of doing leg raises as not everybody has the strength to carry their own body weight in a leg raise position.

With regular and proper use, the Ab Coaster also delivers fast results. After all, you will feel the burn not just in your lower abs but in other parts of your body as well such as the legs, lower back, hips and buttocks. Remember that six-pack abs will look ridiculous if the surrounding muscles are as flabby as can be. Plus, the machine is made of sturdy materials. You and your family can definitely use it for many years to come, even for those on the overweight side.


Just like with any exercise machine, the Ab Coaster is not perfect. For one thing, you have to reserve a bigger space in your home gym for it. With its dimensions, you will thick twice about buying it if you live in a cramped apartment. More often that not, it will get in the way, which often means that you will get your exercise not from using the Ab Rocker but from constantly moving it from one place to the next just so it does not pose a human traffic hazard.

For another thing, you might have to learn to get used to its motions. Of course, the models on the infomercial make it look so easy because that’s what they are paid to do, in addition to their already ripped bodies. Fortunately, you should be able to use it as smoothly and fluidly as possible after a week or two.

And then there is the price at $400. This is on the expensive side even with a 30-day trial offer. In these recessionary times, $400 is a big amount of money that you can use to pay the bills. You can revert to traditional leg raises and crunches for your ab exercises.

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