About Drug Addiction And Its Effects

About Drug Addiction And Its Effects

Are you here to know more about drugs and their effects? If yes, then the following article can help you with valuable information regarding drug addiction and its effects. Drug addiction brings in such an effect in the body, which ceases you to leave drugs. You feel like living on drugs and living for drugs. You can keep an eye on the article to find out more!

What can drugs do to you?

Drug addiction is probably the worst thing that can happen to a human being in his lifetime. It has got some severe effects on the body and brain. The impact of drug addiction can last either for a long time or permanently. Some might even suffer death for drug addiction and its effects. The drug is a substance that can make your brain think imperfectly and make the worst decisions of life. The addiction can never work positively and can only push you towards destruction.

People intake drugs in various ways, including injections, ingestion, and inhalation. The effect of drugs on the body and brain depends on the way of intaking the drug. Drug addiction brings in a dopamine rush in the brain, which is a hormone that intrigues the happy feeling and different types of emotions. The drug addict gets so much involved in the robust and comfortable sense that he falls into the trap of addiction.

Effects of drug addiction

Drug addiction can cause several effects on the body and brain. The following points can help you with the information:

  • Low immunity system:

When you intake drugs for a long time and fall into the trap of drug addiction, your immune system is the first thing that gets affected.  Drug addiction reduces the capability of the body to fight against any infection and other diseases.

  • Heart conditions:

Drug addiction severely affects the heart as well. When you are on drugs or even after leaving drugs, your heart can get many conditions like collapsing of veins, blockage in the arteries, heart attacks, etc. It can even push you towards death by causing heart failure. The drug addict can even experience irregular heartbeat rates and other respiratory problems during the lifetime.

  • Pain in the body:

Extreme drug addiction can cause abdominal pain and severe weight loss at times. Drugs generally dry up the body and often make it go dehydrated. Dehydration can lead to nausea when you might feel less energetic, sick, and might not feel like eating even.

  • Liver damage:

Usage of alcohol and other drugs can affect the liver in the worst way. The liver tissues get damaged severely, and so can cause different diseases related to the weak liver. It can also cause liver failure, which might end in death.

  • Brain damage:

The part that gets affected the most due to drug addiction is none other than the brain. Drug addiction can cause brain damage and often lead to small or huge strokes. The person taking drugs can experience severe seizures and can even hallucinate as an effect of drugs. Mental confusion and hesitation in decision making is another way in which drugs perform.

Besides the above points, drug addiction can also increase breast sizes in men. It can also cause various health issues due to high body temperature at times.