Bodyweight Training Prisoner Workout, Intensified!


It’s no surprise that prisoners are some of the fittest people on earth. Why not, they have nothing else to do but train. But there is always talk about how prisoners get strong and ripped just using their own bodyweight.

One workout I have heard about will have you in shape in no time, if you can do it. I call the exercise the “Prisoner Squat Thrusts” You might know them as a non jumping burpee. But make no mistake about this exercise it will put a serious hurting on you on short order.

How it is done you are to start at 20 and work down to 1 with no rest. You do 20 walk about 10 to 15 feet do 19 walk back and repeat and see if you can finish.

This type of workout alone will destroy fat and whip you into crazy shape.

If you can do some goals to shoot for:

If you could do 25 sets you were considered to be pretty tough and people thought twice about messing with you.

And if you could do 30 sets you were labeled a bona fide stud and given much respect.

I have done 30 down to 1 and it is brutal. It works out to 465 and done in 30 sets done in 41 minutes it was pretty brutal.

I added another element to the pain. I walked off 10 yards and brought out the 100 lb heavy bag, you can use a sand bag or whatever else you want.

Do 20 Prisoner Squat Thrusts, shoulder the heavy bag or sand bag walk 10 yards, drop the bag do 19, shoulder the bag with other shoulder and continue this until you get to 1.

The workout is already brutal, but if you add the extra exercise picking up and putting down an extra 100 lbs or whatever just makes the workout that much more brutal and painful.

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