Breast implants are for you!

Breast Implants: 7 Things to Consider – Cleveland Clinic

Consider saline versus silicone gel-filled implants in Sydney if you’re thinking about getting breast implants. You can use this guide to help you sort through all of the available alternatives in Sydney. Sydney is a city of beauty, everyone wants to have their best look, and breast implants are very common in Sydney.

In terms of breast implants in Sydney, what’s the distinction between saline vs silicone options? 

An outer silicon shell covers both saline and silicone breast implants. However, the filler metal and consistency of the implants differ. 

Implants are made with saline. 

The saltwater in saline implants is sterilised. Empty, they’re introduced into the machine and then filled with liquid. For breast augmentation, saline breast implants can be used on women at least 18 years old; for breast reconstruction, they can be used on women of any age. 

The breast implants are made of silicone. 

Pre-filled with silicone gel, silicone implants replicate the texture and feel of natural human fat. When it comes to the sensation and appearance of implants, most women choose silicone implants. Those at least 22 years old can get silicone breast implants for augmentation, while those of any age can get them for breast reconstruction. 

Silicone implant that has blown apart 

A silicone implant burst may go undetected for some time since any free silicone is likely contained in the fibrous connective tissue (capsule) that grows around the implant. This is referred to as a “quiet breakdown.” Breast cancer, reproductive issues, or rheumatoid arthritis aren’t linked to silicone gel leakage. In the long run, a ruptured silicone breast implant may lead to pain, thickening of the breast, or other changes in the breast’s contour or shape. Your doctor will likely propose surgery to remove the implant if this occurs. A new implant can be added to an existing procedure in most cases. 

What questions should you ask yourself before deciding on breast augmentation surgery? 

You need to know what it means to have implants if you consider breast augmentation or reconstruction. Maintaining a new look isn’t the only thing to keep in mind. 

No amount of breast implants will be able to keep your breasts from drooping in the future. Breast augmentation may not be enough to fix sagging breasts; you may also need a breast lift. Either now or in the future, this treatment can be carried out. 

A lifetime guarantee does not apply to breast implants. Rupture of the implant is a real danger. Within eight to ten years, as many as 20% of women who receive breast implants in Sydney will want to have the implants removed. Aside from these potential changes, the way the breasts appear may also vary due to things like weight increase or decrease. Additional surgery may be required if one or more of these conditions arise. 

Complication with breast implants are:

  • Mammograms may be more difficult: Routine mammography will require additional specialist images if you have breast implants. When you go in for your mammogram, let the radiologist know if you have fake boobs.
  • An MRI may be necessary: After six years, routine ultrasound or MRI monitoring is recommended by the Food & Drug Administration, and then every 2 – 3 years after that. On the other hand, regular screening has little evidence to back it until you have symptoms. 
  • Breast implants may make it difficult for a woman to breastfeed. Women with breast implants are not all the same when it comes to being able to breastfeed their children. 
  • Breast implants may not be covered by insurance: Breast augmentation involving cosmetic purposes is not covered by health insurance unless it is medically essential, such as after surgery for breast cancer. 
  • Breast implant removal may necessitate different surgery: If your implants are removed, you may require additional surgery to improve the appearance of your breasts.