Can Laser Treatment Remove Stretch Marks? 

Stretch Marks Removal: How Can You Get Real Results?

So many women feel inferior because of their stretch marks and want to get rid of them. As much as this is a body-positive and judgment-free zone, instilling confidence in someone does bring immense satisfaction. 

Treatments like laser stretch mark removal have become popular as many clinics have taken a step to help women in dealing with them. Is it healthy to remove stretch marks? Can laser treatment help you with it? 

Find out more about this in the below sections. 

What is a stretch mark? 

A stretch mark appears like a scar on different body areas with a stretch in your skin. The rupture in collagen or elastin in the skin causes the sudden appearance of stretch marks. 

This is an irreversible change due to weight gain, pregnancy, genetic factors, or strenuous exercise. Stretch marks may appear near the shoulders, abdomen, breasts, thighs, hips, and buttocks. 

There is nothing to be ashamed of about stretch marks because it is just a sign that your skin cannot cope with the growth of your body. How can laser treatment help in stretch mark removal?

Laser Stretch Mark Removal Treatment

Laser treatment for stretch marks is a non-invasive technique without the involvement of sutures or cuts. This treatment focuses on building the lost collagen under the skin tissues and gradually filling the stretch marks. 

There are different types of laser treatments, and you can opt for them as per your requirements. Most preferable is the fractional carbon dioxide treatment. The process involves the removal of old cells and triggering the new cells to accumulate and fill the spaces. 

Among other techniques, how are laser treatments better for stretch mark removal? Read on to find out about it. 

Advantages of Stretch Mark Removal 

The prominent reason for opting for laser treatment is to escape the surgery and the recovery phase it involves. There are no incisions, and the maintenance is effortless. 

Here are some other benefits of opting for laser stretch mark removal treatment. 

Fast And Noticeable Results 

There is a remarkable change in the skin after undergoing laser treatment. The stretch marks diminish slowly with every laser treatment session, and you can see that your skin is regaining its normal texture. 

Very Short Recovery Period 

There is negligible downtime depending on the exceptionality of your case and the depth of your treatment. For superficial treatments, you can get back to your usual routine after the treatment. 

It is advisable to consult with your doctor and follow the precautions accordingly. 

Versatile Treatment

It is not restricted to a particular skin tone, and people of all colours and skin textures can go for this treatment. The treatment is helpful for deeper stretch marks and helps recover the skin texture to a maximum extent. 

The best part about laser treatment for stretch marks is that it does not damage the surrounding skin tissues. You can schedule your laser treatment appointment as per your availability over a uniform interval. 

You can follow some self-care procedures like applying moisturiser or essential oils over the skin to maintain the outcome. Also, maintaining a healthy weight helps in not developing stretch marks. After all, prevention is better than cure. 

The most important thing is to develop a healthy mindset and association with your body. It will help you accept your stretch marks and not feel inferior.