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When you start off the journey towards a drug free life there are a lot of points you need to keep in consideration like;

  • It is not a cake walk, it requires a lot of courage and patients
  • Only treating addiction with medication treatment will never help
  • It’s not necessary to stay in a rehab and take up for the treatment
  • Counseling and therapies are key ingredients in treating opioid addiction
  • Consulting suboxone treatment centers near me is important before starting.

These are the key things you need to remember before you start, but there are a lot of misconceptions for which often tend to not get them treated for addiction as they become scared of the misleading facts of the treatment process. 

Two main misconceptions of addiction recovery treatment are:

No better recovery scope of outpatients

The majorly wrong misconception is that to achieve the most and optimum result one need to stay in a rehab and thus the patients who want to seek help by staying connected to their social life is unable to get best outcome, which is absolutely a wrong conception. The reason why one needs to stay inpatient is for medical guidance and supervision and detoxification. But there are many available programs and treatment facilities of outpatients as well.

 Many Suboxone treatment centers provides counseling and therapies to outpatients as well so that they can keep their life normal and lead a life as normal people do without any hesitations. Few of the facilities that are available for the outpatients are;

  • Counseling for addiction recoveryAny addiction recovery treatment will have counseling and therapies as their core treatment process as it will teach you to have a skilled and stable life in long run without drug support. Medication plays a crucial role in addiction treatment but you need counseling process and sessions to balance the entire treatment. The first thing first counseling helps you cope up with the pain and struggles that you are going to face in the process of addiction recovery treatment. This is why Suboxone treatment doctors mandatorily prescribe proper counseling process for those patients who are staying out and treating themselves.
  • Group therapy:  This process helps you in building emotional support which you need the most the process of recovery, outpatients can indulge in group therapy where they can build communication and social skills which they have lost to heavy use of opioid.  Most of the Suboxone doctors offer weekly group therapy sessions for outpatients where they can communicate with the fellow recovering patients and build a social relation with them which will help them in the process of treatment as they will know they are not alone.
  • Individual therapy:  Under this the patient meets his therapist personally and works on his triggers and root cause of the drug addiction, here they meet on once a week basis and talks about all the triggers which force them to indulge in drug and abuse. In these therapies the main motive of the therapist is to bring out the main reasons why the person got addicted to drug and works on it so that after the treatment the patients does not tend to move back to drugs again. 

When you treat yourself as outpatients the chances increases of abusing the medication or getting off the medication, these therapies help you stay focus and determined to your treatment process. The main reason why Suboxone doctors near me prescribe4s strict counseling process is to keep you in the process

Medication is enough for treating addiction of opioid

Another misconception is that people getting into treating drug addictions often feels that medication like Suboxone and sublocade are more than enough for recovering from drug addiction. Which is a complete baseless thing to keep in mind, no matter how generously you follow your medication if you are not indulging in activities like counseling, therapies and behavioral sessions no medicine will help you come out of the phase. Suboxone treatment centers near me offer various counseling and therapies to support the medication process of addiction recovery. 

Recovery Connection at your support

If you still feel dicey about being an outpatient and not getting required facilities, you can visit us at Recovery Connection we try to provide best facilities to our outpatients as we know how important it is for you to let go off your addiction. We at Recovery Connection provide group, individual therapies, social activities and sessions once every week so that all the outpatients can take part in then to have an overall balanced treatment. We try help you deal with your withdrawals specially sublocade withdrawal so that it does not cause major mental trauma to you.