Everything You Need to Know About Lip Fillers in San Diego

Having full, plump and hydrated lips is sensual and also gives character and personality to the face. For this reason, the desire of many women is to achieve lips with a perfect shape and more volume but, at the same time, natural.

This result can be achieved both through Aesthetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery since both areas offer treatments to increase the volume of the lips. While Aesthetic Medicine has as its star treatment the infiltration of hyaluronic acid to provide volume to the lips, Aesthetic Surgery achieves a permanent lip filling. However, what is the best way to increase lips?

Lip Filler: Temporary or Permanent?

When it comes to wanting to increase the volume of your lips, you should first ask yourself what result you hope to achieve in order to properly choose the most appropriate treatment for you. There are two types of lip fillers, one that has a temporary durability and one that is permanent or permanent. This is the main difference between both aesthetic treatments but there are more characteristics that differentiate them.

The temporary lip filler is the hyaluronic acid treatment. This treatment is one of the most demanded since it is not only used to give volume to the lips but, at the same time, it provides hydration, firms the tissues of the lip and reduces perioral wrinkles. It is a painless and very fast technique since it is carried out in sessions of 20 to 30 minutes in which the hyaluronic acid is infiltrated through microinjections.

Among the advantages of hyaluronic acid are the speed of the results and the naturalness since it is a resorbable and biocompatible material with the body, so it is completely free of risks or side effects. With this treatment you can get voluminous and fleshy lips in proportion to the face. The duration of this treatment is approximately between six months and a year depending on the skin type of each person and their personal care.

As for the permanent lip filler treatment, it is called Permalip. It is a simple surgical procedure through which the surgeon makes two small incisions in the corners of the patient’s mouth to insert solid silicone implants. These implants are totally safe and the intervention does not last more than an hour since it requires half an hour with each lip, although sometimes it is only necessary to place a prosthesis on one of the lips.

Permalip has a wide variety of sizes depending on the result that each patient wants to obtain. In addition, it is an outpatient surgery that does not require admission and, therefore, allows the patient to return to her normal life the same day. Another of its advantages is that the scars are not visible due to the surgical technique that is carried out.

Regarding the results, both types of treatments offer natural and, above all, safe results. Normally, in the case of hyaluronic acid, the results will be visible 24-36 hours after the application of the treatment because that is when the inflammatory effects, if any, will have worn off. Regarding the treatment with Permalip, the definitive results will take a little longer to appear since they depend on the healing.

Increase lip volume safely

Whatever type of lip filler you choose to achieve more volume in yours, the main thing is to do it with your head. This means that the main thing is to go to an approved medical center with experienced medical specialists who use quality materials. In this way, you will avoid unwanted results and unexpected side effects.

At alexandraaesthetics.ie we have been performing facial aesthetic treatments for many years and, therefore, we have a qualified medical team with experience in lip filling. If you need advice, our professionals will be able to answer your questions and explain the best options to achieve the result you are looking for.