Guidelines for exercising while undergoing IVF

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At the time of budgeting for IVF cost in Chennai or in any other city, one needs to also plan a fitness regimen. Doctors and experts advise couples to follow a healthy lifestyle, including exercise, yoga or any other form of physical activity. But what should be the routine during IVF treatment or during any other treatment? Does IVF lead to weight gain? Will there be any adverse effect if one exercises or stops exercising during treatment? All these questions definitely come to the minds of couples. So, to help you understand better, we have provided certain guidelines which will help you in making a decision appropriately. 

Exercising during IVF:

Well, exercising or working out or being engaged in any physical activity increases the success rate of IVF.But, exercising during IVF as well will help you go through the journey of the treatment. As per experts, the female partner has to lower those high-intensity workouts but should not stop exercising.Since IVF medications stimulate and enlarge the ovaries to produce healthy and mature eggs, high-impact exercises might hinder the process. It is equally important to maintain a healthy body weight.Low-impact and doctor-approved exercises should be done and followed regularly. Also, the sleep cycle should be well maintained. 

When should one start exercising? 

As couples have been physically active, they can put their activity on medium mode till the embryo is transferred. Once the embryo is successfully transferred, the couples can contact the doctors or experts and then make a move towards exercising. Meanwhile, one can practice meditation and mild yoga that does not impact the initial process. 

Best exercises or physical activities during IVF:

With regular movement, mobility and activeness, the blood flow gets enhanced and thus promotes tissue growth and healthy cells. Thus, by either standing, exercising or walking, one can benefit their reproductive system.Low-impact exercises such as walking and swimming help in curbing weight gain during the IVF process. Let us know about the activities below:

  1. Yoga: 

Mild yoga or low-impact yoga movements can benefit the person during IVF. It will not only impart mental relaxation but will also channelise movement internally. The blood flow circulation will be even and beneficial for the cells to grow and nurture. 

  1. Walking:

Walking is the basic and most simplified form of workout that enhances mobility and keeps the body active.But, one should not go for brisk or high-intensity or fast walking. One should walk slowly and with low impact. Ensure to walk on leveled flooring to avoid any form of jerks.  Also, keep a check that walking is not making you tired. It will impact the growth and development of cells and might hinder the process.

  1. Meditation or Dhyan:

Meditation or dhyan is also one form of mental exercise for keeping the mind calm and peaceful. It eliminates stress and imparts mental and emotional well-being to the expecting mother.  Ensure to practice it under expert supervision or guidance. Avoid postures like Chakrasana, Surya Namaskar, Ashtanga yoga or any other strenuous yoga to prevent any impact on the abdominal area. 


Thus, these are some of the exercises which one can follow during IVF treatment.But, make sure that you wear comfortable clothing such as loose T-shirts and comfortable lowers.

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