Here’s How To Take Care Of Your Face To Be Brighter And More Glowing

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Advances in skin care sometimes make us confused where to start and which products to buy. We may also feel left behind when other people do the seven stages of facial care , or use products, such as essence , face mist , and three face serums at once at night.

Actually, there is no need to worry because how to take care of the face must be returned to the basics, which must be done every day and is recommended to be done every week. Then, what should we do to get a healthy, bright, and glowing face without having to beat around the bush?

Daily facial care

For a daily scale, the following basic facial care methods need to be applied: 

1. Use a gentle cleanser every night

Many people find it suitable to clean their face using a cleanser once a day. 

If you belong to that group, you are advised to do it at night before going to bed so that the remaining sunscreen, cosmetics, oil, and bacteria can be removed. Choose a facial cleanser that is gentle and does not irritate the skin. If your face can’t accept a foaming facial cleanser, try switching to a non-foaming cleanser. You can get skincare product by visit this website

2. Try to apply double cleansing

In cleaning your face at night, you can try applying double cleansing . That is, cleaning the face is done in two stages: using cleansing oil or micellar water , then followed by a gentle facial cleanser. The application of double cleansing is increasingly favored by many people because facial cleansing soap alone is not enough to clean the dirt on the face.

3. Don’t forget sunscreen

Many people are too busy using skincare products such as toners or serums, but forget the most important part: sunscreen or sunscreen. In fact, daily use of sunscreen is mandatory to protect the skin from UV rays. Exposure to UV rays can trigger skin aging, inflammation, dark spots, wrinkles, and even skin cancer. You can look for sunscreen products that have an SPF of at least 30. Don’t forget, choose products that have a broad spectrum label or have the advantage of protecting the skin from UVA and UVB at the same time. Even though you spend more time indoors, you still need to use sunscreen. Also, don’t forget to reapply sunscreen regularly. If you are more out of the house, re-application can be done every 2 hours.