In addition to rewards, these are the benefits of alms in health

Alms is a practice that is highly recommended in Islam and is the most beloved practice of God. Alms also have a tremendous impact on a person. In addition to getting an abundance of rewards, it also has an impact on the spirituality of someone who does it.

But do you know? Alms can also have a positive impact on health for both those who give alms and those who are given alms.

there are four benefits of alms for health for people who like to give alms including:

1. Reducing stress

The results of a recent study from the Queensland University of Technology published in PloS One stated that if a person has a stingy/stingy nature to always pile up his wealth, it can actually increase stress. Why is that? Apart from being discouraged, people who like to keep their wealth must always be overshadowed by the fear that their wealth will run out, which is what causes stress levels to increase. Therefore, in Islam we are strongly encouraged to share through alms to others for the sustenance that they get.

2. Increase the sense of happiness

In sharing, people who give or receive kindness from someone must both feel happy/happy. But do you know? that someone who is sincere and willing to give part of his wealth to others will be happier. Because a person’s mood will be better and avoid stress

3. Lowering blood pressure 

A 2006 study showed that a person’s good influence on others can help a person’s blood pressure to be low. In addition to lowering blood pressure, people who do good will also get good feedback from those around them.

4. Extending Life

Helping to lighten the burden on our fellow human beings voluntarily even with the slightest thing turns out to have benefits that can extend a person’s life. According to the Journal published in the United States Public Health in 2013 states, someone who likes to help others can be protected from stress attacks. Therefore, it is recommended to always be able to share goodness with others in order to avoid stress because stress can be a factor in various kinds of serious diseases such as depression, heart disease and other serious illnesses. You can visit to alm.