Key Elements to Ensure That Your Dental Practice’s Website Delivers Result

When people think of dentistry, they don’t tend to think that much about marketing. However, marketing plays a huge role in the business and extends to dentists’ internet presence via their websites. 

If you want your own practice’s website to succeed, you must be sure to include the right elements. Below are a few key elements you should include if you want to deliver results.

Mobile Optimization

While many dentists may have been practicing for decades on end, the website you had in 2008 will not cut it today. Instead, you need to adapt the standards of mobile optimization to find success in the modern digital marketplace. 

You should be aware that almost 57 percent of internet use is now mobile. If your website doesn’t scroll up and down and does not have clearly legible links that can be clicked on a small screen, you have a serious problem. 

Make sure to test your website on different mobile operating systems and screen sizes. Websites can operate differently on an iPhone than they do on a phone that runs Android.

Clickable CTAs

You must conceptualize your dentist’s practice website as just not a website but as a form of dental marketing. As such, you must include many clear “calls to action” that try to convert visitors into paying customers through exact instructions. In regards to websites, the most successful CTAs are those that are clickable. 

“Click Here to Give Us a Call” or “Click Here to Fill Out a New Patient Form” are excellent options. Overall, you need to make your website work for you as a salesperson would. It should generate leads and then convert those leads into paying customers. If you aren’t doing that, you aren’t getting the most out of your website.

Overviews of Treatments, Services and Products

Another element of this marketing should be informing visitors of exactly what you do in your practice. If a good deal of your business is geared towards dental implants, you better have an explanation of just how a dental implant is inserted into a patient’s mouth. 

This should also, of course, include an overview of the benefits of the procedure. In fact, it may be a good idea to have a separate page for each individual’s treatment, service or product you offer. 

That way, you can maximize your SEO footprint by using those pages as landing pages for people searching the web for information. Finally, it will result in someone searching for information on crowns being taken directly to your page on the subject.

Strong SEO

Search engine optimization needs to be a strong component of your dentistry website. You can’t simply ignore the importance of SEO. If you do, competing dentists may begin gobbling up all your business in your surrounding area. 

It is SEO that gives you the ability to come out near the top of search engine results when someone searches for a specific key term on their phone or PC. Your SEO can also be geared towards your own local community. That way, you can better target your customer base. 

If you are in Cincinnati, for example, it makes a lot more sense to optimize your website for searches for “Cincinnati dentist” than just dentist. Focusing on localized SEO can even help make your location much easier to find on internet map services and even onboard GPS navigation systems for cars.

Reviews and Testimonials

You can’t blame patients for being suspicious of things they find on the internet. The history of online fraud is a very long and detailed list of crimes. One way you can help gain people’s confidence is by showing them that others benefited from your dental services. 

Try to find and elicit positive reviews and testimonials that you can publish on your website to help raise visitors’ confidence in your practice. Make sure these are real customers, and they are okay with being used for marketing purposes. 

People can tell when something is genuine or not. If you can’t find any patients willing to volunteer, then you probably have serious problems in how your practice operates that you need to deal with.

Overall, put a lot of thought into your dental practice’s website. It is the website that will do the job of helping to hook in visitors and transform them into paying customers. If you don’t put in this kind of effort through things like quality SEO and web design, competitors in your area will. If you want to maintain your business, you have no choice.