Know the Right Handling for Injury to Athletes

Athletes are professions that are required to move actively and require high coordination and concentration. When doing sports, it is not uncommon for athletes to experience injuries to their body parts. Sports injuries are conditions that occur in the muscular and skeletal systems of the body during exercise. Each sport has its own risk of injury. This can be prevented by doing a good warm-up before exercising and doing the necessary exercises, especially muscle strengthening exercises.

What is the first treatment for an injured athlete?

On-site sport injury is first aid performed directly (on the sidelines) of a sports injury. Time on the field or where the injury occurred is a critical or important moment, because if the first treatment given to a sports injury is good, the subsequent recovery will be better and faster. However, if it is not handled properly, it will have a negative impact and can even threaten the athlete’s career. The first treatment of sports injuries should be done properly, as soon as possible, and should be handled by professionals who understand the procedure.

How to prevent injury from happening?

The occurrence of sports injuries can be prevented in several ways:

  • Before starting to exercise, it is advisable to do a pre-exercise examination by a Sports Medicine Specialist to ensure exercise safety.
  • The type and intensity of exercise should be chosen appropriately according to the abilities and medical conditions of a person.
  • Physical exercises should be carried out according to the prescription for the person. If it is too light, the benefits will not be optimal and if it is excessive, the exercise can potentially cause injury.
  • Physical exercise is carried out in the sequence of warm-up, core, and cool-down. The duration for warming up is very dependent on the sport, intensity, and duration of the exercise. The purpose of the warm-up is to raise the body temperature to be ready to accept the heavy load of exercise. Because muscles that are stiff or cold will be more prone to injury.
  • Muscle strengthening and flexibility exercises (stretching or stretching ) should be done regularly.
  • Use the right sports equipment, such as shoes designed specifically for the sport you are playing.
  • The need for drinking and electrolytes must also be fulfilled.
  • Risk factors for injury are identified. Once known these risk factors can be intervened so that sports injuries can be prevented.

Do sports injuries always require surgery?

Treatment of injuries through surgery depends on the severity of the injury. If the injury is still in the mild category, there is no need for surgery. However, if the injury is in a severe category, surgery must be carried out immediately. Because if not operated on, this condition can damage the joint pads and joint cartilage, resulting in very fatal.

Do you have to undergo exercise therapy after surgery?

Must, because the main function of surgery is to restore structures that have changed due to injury to their original or near normal. If there is no postoperative exercise therapy, the function of the muscles and bones will not return to their normal state so that the results of the operation will be in vain. Exercise therapy is important to restore joint range of motion and muscle strength to normal, even better than before.

If you have a sports injury, visit your doctor immediately to get the right treatment. You can visit because it has very complete services to treat sports injuries, ranging from non-operative and operative injury cases.