Male Menopause—or Manopause—Explained by a Urologist

By Dr. Josh

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Menopause, from the Latin menopausis, was first made use of in the 19th century to explain the remaining cessation of the monthly menstruation of girls.  That knowing of menopause has ongoing even to this day.

Menopause in ladies is a natural decrease in the generation of reproductive hormones that occurs as a woman ages.  The regular age of menopause in the US is 51, but the drop in hormone manufacturing can get started years previously.  Strictly speaking, a woman is considered to be in menopause as soon as she has gone twelve months without menstruating but the hormonal drop can consequence in a assortment of common menopausal indications.  The menopausal transition in women is ordinarily described as a small time period of time, a stage every girl will have to move through.  But the fact is that menopause is a phase of life.  The moment a single enters menopause, there is no turning back.

Probabilities are when you consider about menopause you never think of it as becoming a men’s wellbeing situation.  Nicely, what would you say if I informed you that adult men go by way of their very own “Big Change”?  When there is no agreed-upon expression to explain this adjust in men, some have started to take pleasure in some of the hormonal modifications that take place as adult males age by a similar menopausal lens.  Male menopause (at times termed andropause or even colloquially, manopause) is not described by an absence of menstruation, but it can existing with quite a few of the very same signs involved with common menopause.

What follows is a look into the different changes males go as a result of as they get older and how we can use what we know about menopause to better understand some of the outcomes of hormonal decline in growing older guys.

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The phrase andropause should really clue you into just one of the most critical areas of male menopause.  Andropause refers to the halting of generation of a team of hormones termed androgensAndrogen is the broad time period used to describe male sex hormones, the most nicely-recognized of which is testosterone (T).  In advance of stating additional about testosterone and its relationship to male menopause, I ought to briefly mention that testosterone is not, in actuality, a “male hormone.”  Each and every residing person will make and utilizes testosterone, not just adult males.  It is an significant hormone in all forms of bodies.  But for the purposes of this piece, we will, from listed here ahead, focus on testosterone in the context of male bodies.

Testosterone is primarily produced by the Leydig cells in the testes of adult males, with a small quantity also produced by the adrenal glands.  Testosterone is responsible for initiating the enhancement of the male inner and external reproductive organs through fetal improvement.  It is also the hormone essential for libido and the means by which the physique grows our muscle tissue and bones, stimulates the bone marrow to churn out additional blood cells, and creates sperm in adult everyday living.  Testosterone creation begins in utero once the overall body has acquired the needed alerts.  On the other hand, the male human body doesn’t actually rev up testosterone generation till puberty, when T stages are frequently at their best.

Testosterone creation is a tightly controlled course of action carried out by the hypothalamus and pituitary gland in the mind.  In response to gonadotrophin-releasing hormone (GnRH) from the hypothalamus, the pituitary sends out a testosterone-stimulating signal in the form of luteinizing hormone (LH).  LH circulates in the bloodstream and helps make its way to the testicle wherever it stimulates the generation and release of T.  As T boosts in the blood, it offers feedback to the mind to suppress the creation of GnRH and LH, thereby dampening the generation of more testosterone.

As males age, this tightly regulated program can start to split down.  At times the human body will become incapable of continuing to deliver the required testosterone-stimulating hormones.  Other instances, the testicle simply loses its skill to reply to them.  Also, operation, radiation, and other professional medical comorbidities can impact regular, wholesome testosterone creation.  Regardless, the final result is the same—testosterone declines and generally remains suboptimal.

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As we discussed previously mentioned, menopause commonly occurs when women of all ages are in their 40s or 50s (it can take place before in some girls).  Male menopause is normally substantially additional elusive.

Hypogonadism is the health care condition that describes selected hormonal indicators and indications along with biochemically verified minimal T.  It’s a really common trouble, impacting up to 30% of the grownup typical male population, which translates into hundreds of thousands of guys around the globe.  Inspite of getting so pervasive, only about 5% of hypogonadal guys receive treatment.

Let us choose a minute to distinguish between hypogonadism and our subject matter du jour, andropause.  Hypogonadism is a acknowledged medical problem describing adult males with small T and symptoms and symptoms linked with androgen insufficiency.  Hypogonadism is more prevalent in more mature adult men but can happen at any age.  Andropause, on the other hand, is not a medically regarded ailment.  It is a way of describing a prevalent established of indicators affiliated with declining testosterone concentrations that men can expertise as they age.

We know that a man’s testosterone concentrations decline on regular by about 1% per calendar year just after age 40.  For some men, that system begins previously, and for other people, the decline is a lot steeper.  Nevertheless, a the greater part of males effectively into their 60s and 70s have a serum testosterone level in the normal variety.  We do not routinely display for small testosterone so it is difficult to say when a single would count on to go by means of male menopause, but it’s typically believed of as a point out exceptional to more mature males.

Signs and symptoms

Because we do not monitor all males for low testosterone, andropause can at times go unnoticed.  We really should also position out that not all men with reduced testosterone experience signs or symptoms.  Further complicating the issue, the signals and signs or symptoms linked with reduced testosterone (and male menopause) are normally non-particular.  These indications can from time to time be similar to lifestyle, medication, and/or other health care comorbidities like being overweight or diabetes.  Nonetheless, the most typical symptoms associated with male menopause are:

  • Lowered electrical power and determination
  • Cognitive decrease: issue with memory and concentration
  • Frustrated mood
  • Greater stress and anxiety
  • Lessened sexual desire/reduced libido
  • Decrease in frequency of spontaneous erections
  • Trouble accomplishing or keeping an erection for the duration of sexual exercise
  • Breast tenderness or swelling
  • Loss of bone or muscle mass
  • Scorching flashes/night sweats
  • Fertility difficulties
  • Sleep disturbance

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So if you are going through some of these indications, it may possibly be well worth having your testosterone checked.  Preliminary small T stages are usually verified with extra screening.  If you’re all-around age 40, these signs and symptoms could be your to start with clue that you are entering andropause.  But never forget: very low testosterone can also impact youthful guys who might reward from procedure even if they really don’t fall inside a stereotypical andropause age vary.


I’m sure you are wondering what the probability is that male menopause will have an impact on you.  Unfortunately, there’s no way to know for sure.  Testosterone decline is a actuality of life.  It takes place even to the greatest of us.  But as we discussed earlier mentioned, not all gentlemen encounter the results of that drop, so not absolutely everyone will expertise andropause.  Nonetheless, there are specific variables related with lessen testosterone levels that may possibly maximize one’s opportunity of likely through male menopause.

Work out and snooze are super essential for sustaining testosterone ranges.  30 minutes per working day of cardiovascular training can aid strengthen your circulation (which is vital for your erections, by the way) and can retain your testosterone-producing machine churning.  Testosterone production is cyclical, frequently achieving peaks in the first handful of hours immediately after waking.  No question slumber is essential to healthier testosterone degrees.  Receiving excellent high-quality rest assists retain your brain sharp, regulates blood glucose stages, supports a healthful immune procedure, controls pounds attain, and maintains testosterone creation (Leproult).  So if you are hunting to stay clear of your individual andropausal change, do your greatest to get a superior night’s sleep and exercising consistently.

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There has extended been assumed to be a hyperlink amongst diet program and testosterone levels.  Even so, there continues to be some controversy about accurately which diet plan is very best for blocking declines in testosterone.  A single 2018 research suggested that individuals who favored Western-model food stuff, ate out, and consumed much less do-it-yourself food items, noodles, and darkish inexperienced vegetables have been far more most likely to have an unhealthy physique composition and very low serum full T stages (Hu).  A different uncovered that testosterone was decrease amongst adult males who followed lower unwanted fat or Mediterranean meal plans (Fantus).  Nevertheless, we know that what we put in our system typically impacts what we set out, which likely includes testosterone.  So performing your best to resist taking in that candy bar and opting in its place for a household-cooked, effectively-well balanced food may be a person way to stave off male menopause.


We really don’t have time to get into the nitty-gritty of treatment right here, but fortunately men who working experience andropause unquestionably have solutions.  The initially phase is recognizing your signs or symptoms and receiving examined.  You also want to make confident that there aren’t other contributing factors that could be leading to your signs.  When you’ve confirmed your T is small and dominated out other opportunities, your physician may perhaps focus on way of life modifications (see above) and/or medications that can enhance your testosterone and reverse the outcomes of andropause.  If you select to begin testosterone therapy, your medical professional will demonstrate the distinct strategies that it can be administered together with focus on testosterone amounts and any important follow-up testing.  For numerous (but not all) guys, testosterone therapy can relieve the symptoms of male menopause.  If you locate that the approved treatment does not look to be correcting the situation, undoubtedly discuss with your medical professional what else might be going on.


Let’s conclusion with a couple crucial reminders regarding male menopause:

  • Testosterone drop is inevitable. Male menopause is not.
  • A lot of men will knowledge indications of andropause, but the signs or symptoms are normally non-distinct and may perhaps be induced by other variables.
  • If you working experience male menopausal signs and symptoms, it may possibly be value checking your testosterone concentrations and speaking about remedies with an qualified.
  • There is no guaranteed-hearth way to predict your odds of going through male menopause. But primary a nutritious life style which includes feeding on a very well-well balanced diet regime, receiving ample rest, and training on a standard foundation, may be your ideal wager at avoidance.


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