Protective measures for mobile massages – COVID-19

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Much has changed in our daily lives since the beginning of the Corona crisis. In this context, mobile massages were no longer possible since March due to the contact ban caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and massage in the mobile office had to take a mandatory break. But you can check for Mobile Massage in London.

Recently, however, legal prohibitions and restrictions have again been relaxed and, in some cases, lifted altogether. More and more areas of the economy can run smoothly again and daily work is also normalizing. For example, you can further strengthen your business by providing effective support for the physical and psychological well-being of your team and that of your clients.

Offering an  Office Massage  increases motivation, ensures productivity and shows your employees that your company remains an attractive employer. Despite the crisis caused by COVID-19!

Our new protective measures are designed to ensure that in-office massage remains contagion-free. Your health and that of your employees and customers is very important to us! Before, during and after the massage in the office, the following effective protective measures are carried out for each massage to ensure health:

** rapid tests **

Each masseur (male / female) should start immediately before each new business, but at least once a week – a POC antigen test done. These are the newly commercially available “point-of-care” rapid tests or those offered at test centers.

A negative result, of course, does not exempt the masseur from all additional measures that we impose on ourselves, some of which are required by law, so as not to endanger your health and the health of the masseur.

Strong health of our masseurs

Of course, only g will come to the massage appointments you have booked. esound masseurs !

In the unlikely event of a deterioration of health, another masseuse could take over the appointment in time so that your team remains protected in any event.


The use of protection for the mouth and nose maximizes the freedom from infection.

The effective and mandatory masks in the attack on the neck are the so-called surgical protective masks, which offer protection during exhalation and inhalation, as well as masks of Category FFP2 and masks with the designations N95 and KN95.

Each of our masseurs wears at least FFP2 category protective masks, which are changed and discarded after a maximum of 4 hours.

The mask is worn all the time, of course also during treatment. However, we also ask the client to wear a suitable mouth guard.

Hand washing in front of each client.

Hand washing is and will continue to be one of the most effective protective measures against COVID-19 infection.

According to authoritative sources, if hands are washed with soap for 20 seconds, it is safe to assume that viruses that could cause an infection have been removed.

Before each contact with the massage client, all our masseurs wash their hands very thoroughly with a disinfectant soap and for more than 20 seconds. This cleaning is intended to ensure a germ-free massage.

At the moment, we only allow the usual handshakes to say hello and goodbye to take place exclusively in our thoughts, but we can still enjoy the pleasant atmosphere during the massage in the office!

Disinfection of the massage chair

Virus infection of the COVID-19 type occurs mainly through the “hand-to-face” route. Therefore, surfaces that are touched by hands should be cleaned or disinfected regularly. This reduces the amount of viruses that may be present.

Before and after the massage, the massage chair (and all other utensils used) that our masseurs bring to your workplace for a massage in the office, completely disinfected . A high-quality cleaning agent is used, the disinfecting effect of which is continuously scientifically confirmed. It fights viruses and other pathogens very effectively and remains odorless, so massage can take place without being disturbed by pungent or unpleasant odors.

Gloves for massage in the office?

No, thanks! Or do you prefer? Gloves are currently not classified as an effective protective measure against COVID-19 infection.

Our masseurs disinfect your hands extensively and just before each massage. Use a high-quality, skin-friendly disinfectant. Its high efficacy against viruses is constantly tested and confirmed. This agent is also pleasant to smell.

However, even in this case, trying is more than studying: if you wish, the massage will of course be carried out with gloves on, based on your personal preference and agreement in the personal briefing directly before the massage. In this case, the masseurs use special disposable medical gloves that are comfortable to wear and have contact properties. These gloves are for one-time use only and are disposed of immediately after each use.

Differences between mobile massage and massage in practice: the protection measures that our masseurs take for their massage appointments in the office are very individual. Compared to stationary office massage, this means: The next patient may be in the waiting area for an office while the massage is being performed. On the other hand, no other customer is present with the mobile office massage apart from known team members. Clients coming in for a massage should be turned away if they appear unhealthy to the staff. With the mobile office massage, this case can be clarified in advance and the massage appointment, for example, is only postponed rather than canceled entirely and you will not be refused under any circumstances.

Fresh air is always good!

Last but not least, a very common measure protects you:

Before installing the massage chair, the windows at the massage site are opened if possible. By  Ventilation of the office space before and after the massage. the last remaining risk of contagion is literally blown away by the wind. Fresh air puts you in a good mood and shows stress the red card!

Updates and further development

We constantly adapt the COVID-19 neckattack protective shield to the current recommendations for protective measures in the area of ​​wellness massages.

Special methods are already being developed for the event industry to protect you and your visitors from COVID-19 infection. We support you so that your clients can enjoy a relaxing massage again. You can score points with your visitors and clients with massages at your fair or other events, such as POS campaigns or company programs.