‘Amazing, Isn’t It?’ Long-Sought Blood Test for Alzheimer’s in Reach

Blood tests could eventually be used earlier, allowing people who were beginning to have mild memory issues to learn whether they would develop Alzheimer’s or instead had another condition that might be less aggressive or fast-moving, Dr. Weiner said.

And, Dr. Tanzi said, in the future blood tests might be given to people without any impairment, perhaps as initial screening tools to be followed with PET scans if worrisome levels of biomarkers were detected.

“It has the promise to make early detection of the disease possible, before we have symptoms,” Dr. Tanzi said, something the field would only recommend for clinical use if there were effective ways to prevent or treat Alzheimer’s.

Dr. Hansson said his lab was studying whether the test could predict dementia in people with no impairments or those with mild memory problems.

The test in the JAMA study used a method called an immunoassay to detect

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Moderna Coronavirus Vaccine Test in Monkeys Shows Promise

Monkeys given the Moderna coronavirus vaccine and then deliberately infected were able to fight off the virus, quickly clearing it from their lungs, researchers reported on Tuesday.

The findings do not guarantee that the vaccine will perform the same way in people, but the results are considered encouraging and a milestone in the struggle against the pandemic. If an experimental vaccine fails in monkeys, that is generally seen as a bad sign for its ability to work in humans. This type of study is considered valuable because infecting people on purpose, though sometimes done, is not standard practice.

On Monday clinics around the country began a Phase 3 trial of the vaccine candidate from Moderna, a biotech company based in Massachusetts, with the aim of enrolling 30,000 people to test for safety and effectiveness.

“The virus was cleared very rapidly in the vaccinated animals,” said Dr. Barney S. Graham, the

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In Astounding Test, Scientists Revive Damaged Lungs for Transplant

With this method, they have successfully revived and transplanted 600 lungs in the past decade, said Dr. Marcelo Cypel, a lung transplant surgeon at the University of Toronto. But there are limitations: Lungs can be maintained this way only for hours, not days. And few lungs can be rescued.

“If you have more time, you have more time to repair the injuries,” Dr. Cypel said. “You can’t reverse a pneumonia in just four or six hours. But if you keep the lung for a few days, you can.”

So Dr. Vunjak-Novakovic and her group decided that instead of making new lungs, they might improve on this method. It was becoming clear that, to recover, lungs needed not just a ventilator but also body — to remove metabolic wastes, and to deliver the energy needed keep the organ alive and restore it to health.

The solution? A pig to support the

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Researchers Debate Infecting People With Coronavirus to Test Vaccines

They would be quarantined and monitored closely, and if they became ill would receive the best known treatment — possibly the antiviral drug remdesivir, or convalescent plasma from people who had recovered from the illness. But so far, remdesivir’s benefits have been described as “modest,” and studies of convalescent plasma are still underway. The steroid dexamethasone lowered the death rate in one study, but is recommended only for those who become severely ill.

The article by Dr. Eyal’s group struck a chord with Josh Morrison, 34. Eight years ago, he donated a kidney to a stranger, and now runs an advocacy group for kidney donors. The opportunity to save someone else’s life meant a great deal to him, and he sees challenge trials as a chance to do it again.

“If it could lead to a speedier creation of a vaccine for the disease Covid-19, we are willing — without

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