There Are 4 Pounds of Pressure on the Knees for Every 2 Pounds 

With every pound of weight loss, there come numerous health benefits; if you shed 5 to 10% of body weight, the blood pressure, lipid, and glucose level fall. The more you inch towards optimal BMI, the likelihood of heart disease decrease. The probability of high blood pressure is twice among obese people compared to individuals with optimal BMI. For every two pounds of weight gain, the potentiality of arthritis grows by 9 to 13%. Knee and other joint pain are more common in obese people, as for every two pounds of weight gain, four pounds of extra pressure is exerted on the knees. Obese-aged people have lower muscle mass and strength making them prone to slip and fracturing bones.

Lifestyle change with medications

If you are overweight and unable to reverse it by yourself, medical consultation is advised. You can visit a primary care physician or a specialist dealing with obesity. Dieticians, therapists with other healthcare professionals can help you to achieve the desired weight. Lifestyle changes, medications, and sometimes surgery are advised to resolve the health issue. A healthy diet plan coupled with the exercise of up to three hundred minutes a week can do wonders, making you fit as a fiddle. These activities will increase metabolic rate, endurance, and strength, which will reduce depression, anxiety, and emotional eating.

5% body weight loss

People consuming Weight loss medication lose weight up to two pounds a week, and the result is more prominent when coupled with regular workouts. If you want to continue the result of lifestyle change, healthy eating habits are indispensable. If you do not lose 5% of your body weight within a period of twelve weeks, you can change the product. If the result is not achieved, you can return the product as the manufactures offer a 60days money-back guarantee. The product is designed to stimulate weight loss within twelve weeks, burn stubborn belly fat, induce a thermogenic process and provide energy throughout the day.

Specifically for women

Some weight loss supplements are designed for women as their metabolism is different from males. The product is aimed at fast fat-burning production of lipid cells to curb hunger between meals. No synthetic compounds are added to the product making it safe with no side effects. As the product is designed for women, once the fat mass gets reduced by 13%, the supplement will not induce metabolism and other functions.

Caffeine is often added to Weight loss medication pills, but women may be intolerant to it, so green coffee bean extract is used as a substitute for caffeine. The extract contains caffeine to slowly build caffeine tolerance in the body of the user. 

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