What are the Major Complications Arises with Sublocade Treatment?

What are the Major Complications Arises with Sublocade Treatment?

If you are dealing with severe drug addiction, your doctor might suggest you the sublocade. Sublocade medication has been effective medication which has shown many patients the ray of light which indicates living life without any drug dependency. Sublocade is a once-a-month medicine which is is injected under the belly. These medications work by reducing the withdrawal symptoms which often cause when the body craves for opioid.

But like any other medication even sublocade has its own side effects and reactions with other drugs, at times it also be seemed that the body is not able to take the medications for which side-effects arises too. It is advisable to consult a sublocade treatment doctor who will explain you the factors which can cause side effects and can cause fatal at times.

Common side-effects of sublocade treatment

It is obvious that some sort of reactions and side effects will occur when you start off with medication which is very common and negligible.

  • Vomiting
  • Itching in the site of injection
  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Headache

These are the few very common and less harmful side-effects that you get in the initial stage of sublocade. Doctors will suggest you sublocade treatment only when the response of the medication over powers the side effects they have.

Serious and mild side-effects

Serious and mild side effects can cause when either you are injecting the medication by yourself or the body is not able to cope up with the sublocade dose which is injected in your body. In some extreme case if you are in-taking any other medication or drug that too can cause rare and dangerous side effects to your body.

  • Hepatitis (liver problem)
  • Respiratory depression or central nervous depression
  • Allergic reactions
  • Physical dependency
  • Adrenal damage

These are some of the major concerned oriented side-effects which can cause death in extreme cases, it is important to know the side effects more than the result or outcome. Seek advice from sublocade near me for detailed explanation of all the severe side-effects attached to sublocade treatment.

Severe side-effects explained

  • Physical dependency:  this means your body might get used of using sublocade, which can cause withdrawal symptoms weeks and months after stopping the medication. The main reason of it being severe is this kind of dependency can put an individual back on drug misuse.

Thus, it is important to consult your doctor before you abruptly stop the consumption of the medication.

  • Allergic reaction: allergies are common to show up in injection sites, but if these allergies starts to become more serious like
  • Itchiness
  • Rashes
  • Problem in breathing
  • Swelling in skins
  • Swelling mouth

This side effects can become severe with passing days, if you see any of these reactions in mild way immediately consult your doctor and let them decide if your should continue the medication or not.

  • Respiratory depression:  it is a rare but very serious kind of side effect which can lead to come, unconsciousness and in even severe case death. The symptoms of respiratory depression are daytime sleeping, shallow breathing, headache and confusion.

To avoid this particular condition one might not consume alcohol while on sublocade treatment, or any medication which is prescribed for central nervous system.

  • Injecting of sublocade in vain: sublocade comes with warning not to inject by own as if it gets injected in vains it might cause death. As sublocade becomes solid after injecting thus, injecting it in vain can cause blockage or tissue damage. This is why you should always inject it with the help of professional.

Why sublocade is widely used for drug addiction?

  • Because of its costing, sublocade price are kept low so that most of the people who want to get rid of their addiction can use it.
  • It is once-in-month type of medication which is why the chances of over dose or misuse are eliminated in the initial of the medication.
  • These are the main reasons why sublocade is dearest for the doctors in treating drug addiction