What You Need to Know About P2 N95 Masks in Australia

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As citizens continue to battle against the impact of COVID-19 and daily pollutants, Australians are highly encouraged to upgrade their masks to P2 or N95 surgical masks. 

The P2 N95 mask in Australia meets the country’s minimum protective standards and filters out up to over 98% of small airborne infectious agents. Unlike other varieties, the P2 mask offers all-around protection that not only keeps COVID-19 away but also everyday contaminants such as dust, fumes, mist, and vapours. Keep reading to know more about when, how, or why to use this product.

When to Wear a P2 N95 Mask

This particular type of respirator is often used as a preventive tool against infectious diseases. So, when you plan to visit clinics, hospitals, or schools that are highly susceptible to contamination, it’s recommended to wear a P2 N95 mask. Similarly, you must wear this mask if you expose yourself to areas such as factories, deserts, or construction sites that produce dust, fumes, and vapours. Doing so can prevent severe illnesses and respiratory concerns. 

In terms of protecting yourself against COVID-19, you need to be familiar with the community levels of your area to determine the right course of action. 

The community levels can be divided into three categories: Low, Medium, and High. 

  • Low

Low situations refer to little to no reported cases in your area, making it relatively safe to go around with minimal protection. If this is the case, wearing an essential mask like a surgical mask or reusable cloth mask when going out will suffice.

  • Medium

The medium level refers to situations where you are more likely to get infected by the virus. Whether due to your poor immune system or contact with high-risk individuals, consulting with your healthcare provider on the necessary precautions is recommended. For example, they can propose that you wear more heavy-duty masks to offer maximum protection.

  • High

The community level will reach high only if cases surge and the risk of contamination is at its peak. In such instances, wearing a P2 N95 mask in Australia is vital.

Whatever the situation may be, having a mask at the ready is the best way to prepare for any case.

How to Wear a P2 N95 Mask

Similar to surgical masks, a P2 respirator is a disposable product made ideally for single-use. However, due to its durability and high efficacy rate, it’s possible to reuse it multiple times after a one-week interval. 

The rate at which it can be used extensively depends on your activity and exposure. For instance, if you work in construction and expose yourself to common pollutants such as dirt and dust, you can reuse your mask until it’s damaged, dirty, or brutal to breathe through. 

On the other hand, if you contact highly-contagious bacteria, you must dispose of your mask immediately. Reusing it may further spread the virus and impact your health. That’s why it’s essential to evaluate your usage before recycling your mask.

Why It’s Important to Wear a P2 N95 Mask

Although P2 N95 mask Australia manufacturers primarily create products for construction work, industrial-based professions, and healthcare settings, they’re also available for ordinary residents. 

The versatility of this product can minimise the transmission of microorganisms and mitigate healthcare concerns. As a result, everyone can contribute to creating a safer and healthier environment for all.