Can Opiate Withdrawal Be Fatal?

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Nothing good can come with addiction, not even when you are trying to recover from it with sublocade treatment. Addiction withdrawal is not an easy thing to endure as the symptoms are pretty uncomfortable to bear, and sometimes deadly even. Fatal withdrawal situations are not common but it has happened due to the severity of the symptoms. It may happen due to the complication that arrives with the withdrawal process and if the person is not able to get medical help sooner. Because such situations are not common in sublocade treatment centers, there’s a lack of research and information on this matter.

Due to the current situation of opiate addiction, it’s vital that all the information is in front of the common people. It’s especially important when it involves the life risk of addiction withdrawal so that people are not afraid of taking medical help. If you are facing such problems, you should search up “suboxone clinics near me” to be one-step ready at the time of need. With this article, we hope to provide important information about this much-needed matter.

Death from Opiate Withdrawal

The recent studies done on this matter are done on the newborn who is born to addicted mothers. Shortly after birth, the newborn will start to show typical symptoms of withdrawals like vomiting, sweating, diarrhea, a flu-like condition with nausea. Lack of sleep can also be one of the above symptoms along with rapid heartbeat and shortening of breathing. Because of this much complication, suboxone treatment doctors Pawtucket advise women to be sober at the time of pregnancy.

When a person stops taking the drug, they start to notice the symptoms within 24 hours. The symptoms will be the same as listed above and with time they can get more and more severe. You might start to feel agitated and muscle pain as well. The person should identify when these symptoms start to get acute and visit a doctor from the one of best suboxone clinics. At worst, organs might start to fail, resulting in death.

What Studies Suggest

As said above there’s is not enough information about opiate addiction being fatal but some studies do indicate as such. Studies of demise because of drug addiction happens from anywhere between one to five people, each year. Because a person going through withdrawal phase vomit is constantly, he or she might suffer from dehydration, irregular blood sodium level and lastly heart failure.  When the symptoms are overlooked and the patients stay without care, death will be the outcome of it. Clinical care at any of the best suboxone treatment clinics Pawtucket is highly suggested in these cases.

Revisiting Old Habits

The most common reason why the withdrawal phase becomes that uncomfortable is due to the person’s tendency to revisit their old habits. According to the suboxone doctor, as soon as patients start to get discomfort by the absence they start to take more drugs and possibly more than they ever took. That in the end can lead to overdosing and sudden death. At the time of absence the body starts to adjust to the lack of the drug, the tolerance level starts to go down. And at that prime time if the person reintroduces the body to too much drug, will overwhelm the physical system and end up falling apart fully.

The indications of overdosing on opioids are the same ones that were happening during the withdrawal phase. Raised heartbeat, breathing problems, and increased body temperature are all the sign of drug overdose. Because of the similar nature, most people take the situation for granted until they are out of time.

It is somewhat impossible to identify the gravity of the situation when a person is facing a life or death situation in this case as some might face mild symptoms and some may need to be hospitalized. But no matter what, when the person starts to face breathing problems, seeking medical help is the optimal requirement. You should search “suboxone doctor near me”, for a better assessment.