Need to Take the MCAT? You’ll Still Have to Do It in Person

Dr. Skorton said the exam rooms are a “low-risk,” not a “zero-risk” environment. “If you’re going to go into medicine, you’re going to go into a profession where there is no way to eliminate risk,” he said.

“There is no way to put people at zero risk — that is the nature of the beast. It’s different than other professions. What we do is take care of patients.”

The estimated 100,000 people who will take the MCAT are years away from becoming physicians, and many will never make it: Just over 40 percent of the 53,371 applicants to American medical schools last year secured a spot.

The MCAT tests applicants’ knowledge of biology, chemistry, physics, psychology and sociology, as well as critical analysis and reasoning skills. The college canceled testing in mid-March, when much of the country was under lockdown, and resumed on May 29 with a shortened version of

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Fast, Less Accurate Coronavirus Tests May Ease the U.S. Backlog, Experts Say

Ms. Magnus, who has already completed a two-week quarantine at home, no longer cares if she gets her results. “By now, that doesn’t tell me anything,” she said.

Antigen tests, on the other hand, can be low-tech and easy to manufacture en masse. Distributed weekly or even daily, they could painlessly screen people headed back into offices, schools and universities, delivering peace of mind to parents, teachers and employers. Everyone — not just those feeling ill — would have an easier way to assess their health status on a regular basis.

“The goal here is to detect as many infections as possible,” said Daniel Larremore, an applied mathematician who models infectious diseases at the University of Colorado, Boulder. “That means taking as many shots on goal as we can.”

Broad distribution of antigen tests might also ease the demand for PCR, which still has an important role in hospitals and

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Why the Coronavirus Is More Likely to ‘Superspread’ Than the Flu

For a spiky sphere just 120 nanometers wide, the coronavirus can be a remarkably cosmopolitan traveler.

Spewed from the nose or mouth, it can rocket across a room and splatter onto surfaces; it can waft into poorly ventilated spaces and linger in the air for hours. At its most intrepid, the virus can spread from a single individual to dozens of others, perhaps even a hundred or more at once, proliferating through packed crowds in what is called a superspreading event.

Such scenarios, which have been traced to call centers, meat processing facilities, weddings and more, have helped propel a pandemic that, in the span of eight months, has reached nearly every corner of the globe. And yet, while some people seem particularly apt to spread the coronavirus, others barely pass it on.

“There’s this small percentage of people who appear to infect a lot of people,” said Dr.

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